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Below are a selection of frequently requested places of interest, including a short description of what you can expect to see and how long you may like to spend. On each tour there will be ample photo opportunities and all offer perfect locations for a bite to eat... 

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New Forest | Winchester | Salisbury & Stonehenge | Windsor & Runnymede | Arundel | Tailor Made

New Forest Tour

If you have the time, we highly recommend a drive through the New Forest.

An area of enclosed pasture land (dating back to Norman Times) with ponies, cattle, pigs, deer and donkeys allowed to roam free. There are also villages with lovely thatched cottages, a small taste of rural England. This will add approx 30 minutes to your travel time.

We also have a full day tour of the new forest including: Bolder Wood Deer Sanctuary, Beaulieu Motor Museum, Exbury Gardens as well as many other significant sights from World War 2.

Winchester Tour

Winchester is another local City with a fascinating history (chosen by King Alfred as the Capital of England in Saxon times)!

We would drop you off in the centre of Winchester and show you where to find a number of small Museums located in some fantastic character buildings (; you will be able to visit the stunning Cathedral - used during the filming of the Da Vinci Code (; you could also wander through the High Street and surrounding area offering many more examples of Winchester's amazing architecture!

Allow 15-30 mins if you wish to take photos of the Cathedral and Cathedral grounds. Allow at least 1 hour if you wish to tour the Cathedral and take a short walk in

Salisbury & Stonehenge Tour

A tour taking in Salisbury (home of Britain's tallest church spire) as well as Stonehenge is top of many people's list!

The city of Salisbury has a stunning Cathedral which has the best preserved of the four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta ( and Stonehenge remains a mystery to this day - the giant, magnificent and magical stones, originating some 240 miles away in Wales, have been on Salisbury Plain for over 4000 years! (

Between Salisbury and Stonehenge lies Old Sarum, the forerunner of Salisbury, this site was raised in about 500BC by Iron Age settlers and was later occupied by the Romans, Saxons and Normans alike.

Windsor & Runnymede Tour

One of the most often enquired about locations is Windsor (a town with more than 1000 years of history)! The top attraction in Windsor is of course the Castle.

The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen! Just a few miles from Windsor, another important land mark is located at Runnymede. Situated on the banks of the river Thames, it was here in 1215 that King John sealed Magna Carta, a document which has influenced the development of English common law and many constitutional documents including the US Constitution.

Also at Runnymede is the Commonwealth Airman Memorial (for those who lost their lives in WW2) as well as the John F. Kennedy Memorial and various memorial trees, indicative of the area's importance in world history.

Arundel Tour

A visit to Arundel (ancestral home of the Dukes of Norfolk for over 900 years) is to be highly recommended.

This is a unique and historic market town, with its skyline dominated by the symbolic Castle (, just as imposing is the rising spire of the town's Cathedral (

This would be a lovely way to spend an hour or two en route to or from Gatwick...!

Tailor Made Tours

Our tours can be tailor made to suit you, be that an individual, a couple or a larger group (up to a maximum of 8 passengers).

Using forums such as Trip Advisor or Cruise Critic, many of our cruising customers have also found other like-minded travellers to share costs with and we are always pleased to accommodate such parties!

Mix & Match

Depending on your preferences, our tours could also be "mix and match". We are always happy to;
  • combine two or more shorter tours to make a full day
  • shorten a day tour to suit your travelling timetable
In addition, if there is somewhere else that you would like to visit, we could take that into consideration too!
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